Sunday, July 29, 2007

I got it!

I received my invite today for Ravelry! What perfect timing. Today we spent the large majority of the day at home after a early morning visit to IKEA. When we got back, I checked my email and it was waiting there for me. I put Miss V down for a nap (as it was nap time), Freya was busy playing in her room and on the computer and Rob was busy reading HP DH. That provided me with a little free time to check out Ravelry. I managed to get a few of my projects posted. I will have to do the rest as I figure out what yarns I used and what their info is. If I had known that anything like Ravelry was going to come into existence I would've saved this precious info. :) What a wonderful community!

The rain today was absolutely wonderful and needed again. We haven't turned on our sprinkler system this year and it has really helped with our water bill $$$$.

Well I'm going to go work on Miss V's dress so that I can have it as a finished project and move on to other wonderful things.

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