Tuesday, October 04, 2005

a million little pieces

I picked up this book last week and consumed it in a couple of days. I was moved by the powerful writing of James Frey. It was amazing to me to read all the details of his experience in rehab. He has suffered a lot in his life both physically and mentally. Most of it done by choices he made but after rehab it was interesting to read how he continued (probably continues to be) tormented. I was so taken with "a million little pieces", I went to the library yesterday and picked up his second book "My Friend Leonard". I finished it earlier this afternoon around 1pm. It left me sobbing at the end. Very beautifully written. I think it takes a very strong person to write about their life in such detail. I'm very thankful for the gift of his life and the strength it has taken him to get where he is at.

If you get the opportunity, you should take the time to read a million little pieces. If it moves you then you should definitely get the second book My Friend Leonard. I don't think you'll be disappointed.