Monday, May 12, 2008

Starting a new week!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day or celebrated with your mom. I had a nice morning yesterday. We had a breakfast for my mom, grandmother and sister. We had about 13 family members over. It was a nice time. The weather was gorgeous. I wish I had some beautiful pictures to show but there never is time to take pictures of the food, family, etc. I was too busy in the kitchen to even think about it. I did however take a few pictures of the table and flowers the night before because I know it never works out for the photo thing the next day. Too too much going on.

I probably should've ironed the table cloth but I don't think anyone else noticed or cared but me. I didn't lay out the flatware or napkins until the next morning because I knew it would be difficult enough to keep the 2-year old away from the table. Even in the morning she decided to run off with a few of the utensils. They were quickly recovered though.

Saturday was a busy day at our house for my hubby. He spent most of the day working with our neighbor putting up 11 sections of fence. It looks really great. I was informed by hubby this would be my mother's day gift. Well yay! Now our dog won't wander into our neighbor's backyard and I don't have to worry about the two little ones escaping through the fence or finding rusted nails with their bare feet attached to a fence pickets.

In the mail on Saturday I received a package from The Magnolia Society Yarn Club by Madeline Tosh. It's quite a lovely skein of yarn and I look forward to receiving more in the future!

I have a feeling that these will be another pair of socks. :) Hmmm. Guess I better start looking at more socks patterns and figure out who's stinking feet will be wearing them.