Friday, August 22, 2008

Adventures in Dishcloths

I've been knitting dishcloths lately. The first three I made were for a washcloth & handmade soap swap on Ravelry. My partner is in Australia. So I opted to make her three washcloths instead of one. These have been finished for awhile. I'm just really slow on posting anything about it. The only bad thing about swaps is when people flake out which seemed to happen to a few people and kind of put a damper on the whole swap thing for the group.

I don't believe that my swap partner has received these yet or the other goodies that I included in her package. I just hope she likes everything and enjoys it.

This blue variegated dishcloth is part of Dish Rag Tag organized by Emily Ivey aka Yarn Miracle. I'm on a team of 12 knitters that are racing 20 something other teams of 12 knitters each. The team captain for our team received the box earlier this week and then it arrived yesterday at my house. I knit, knit knit and then rushed to the post office to get it out the same day. I hope it makes it out to CA quickly so we can keeping moving! Go team Rag-Taggers!

This pink beauty of a washcloth was knit for me by a very nice lady in CA. She bought the soap on her vacation to Washington. I haven't had a chance to use the soap yet but it is a lovely scent of vanilla. My favorite. My nose is so sensitive it's hard to find scents that agree with it. I love the Altoids too. What a nice gift to receive!

This dishcloth is what I received from the Dish Rag Tag. The deal is, you receive a box. Inside the box is a ball of cotton yarn, a finished dishcloth, the rules of the game, the pattern for the dishcloth you are required to knit and goodies put in the box from your team member that sent the box. Anyway, I received this dishcloth and I like it very much. Knit very well.

Today in the mail, my team captain who sent me the above dishcloth had sent the goodies for me separate since the box we had was so tiny. The book was immediately snatched up by my little one. We read it a couple of times outside.

The team captain also sent me these beautiful cards that she handmade! How awesome is that?


Micki said...

Ooh, great stuff! It's enough to almost make one excited about washing dishes. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you received the stuff I sent you! I just knew your little ones would like the book - mine do, and I love the sneaky little knitting sheep. (You can see how I could not fold it into a 6" square!)
Go Team!