Saturday, January 24, 2009

So many babies so little time

baby leggings

It's amazing when the baby wave hits.  It seems you get a call or an email from a friend that they are expecting.  Then the next thing you know you have 3 friends expecting (one pregnant with triplets), a cousin that is expecting and one niece that is expecting.  They are all pretty much due around the same time.  It's a wonderful thing but has me a little overwhelmed already and I still have plenty of time till they arrive.  I would love to make them all something memorable and beautiful for their babies. 

baby leggings

I started making a set of Baby Leggings the other day.  They turned out so cute.  They are the most practical thing because they allow you to a. keep your baby's legs warm without the need of pants b. make diaper changes a snap c. they are just so damn cute! 

The Pattern is Baby Leggings by Ruth Bendig

baby leggings

I used Noelle's Noodles - Haystacks in Provence sock yarn.  I LOVE this color way and have had the opportunity to use this yarn for a pair of socks for myself, a teeny tiny raglan sweater and now the baby legs.  I wasn't crazy about the pooling of colors so I decided to add the purple sock yarn with it.  The purple is from Madeline Tosh's Magnolia Society yarn club in the colorway Nightengale. 


Micki said...

Those are the cutest little baby leg warmers ever!

Aisling said...

I love em. So cute.

Angeluna said...

Too cute! Triplets? OMG.